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Quaker Voices mandalas

Quaker Voices mandalas

The Quaker Voices in the 21st Century concern was taken up by Australia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in January 2007. Its aims are broad and open to growth and development. The process comes from a sensed need to re-examine our inherited beliefs and traditions and to explore together what faith community can offer today. It is a response to many Friends who are following a desire to engage deeply with the Spirit-led life.

For further information, please see Questions for all Quakers (2008).

Questions for all Quakers is the outcome of visits, conversations, workshops, reading and visiting within Australia and overseas by Helen Bayes and Katherine Purnell, under the care of Canberra Quaker Meeting. All Friends connected with Australian Meetings are urged to discuss some of these issues before Yearly Meeting 2009.

Quaker Voices Blog

The Quaker Voices in the 21st Century blog has a number of aims:

  • to serve as an on-line repository of Quaker Voices in the 21st Century resources
  • to provide a source of current news and developments on Quaker Voices activities around Australia, and
  • to provoke thought and discernment about the subject matter of the Quaker Voices concern through publication of personal reflections of Australian Quakers.